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15. November 2018

lawpilots launches a course dedicated to Compliance!


When speaking about Corporate Compliance, and its definition, there’s always some room for confusion: as far as the Law is concerned, it is defined as “conformity of all corporate activities to procedures, rules, legal requirements and codes of conduct“.

With this definition in mind, it seems like a wide subject, a non-specific idea, a kind of company mindset one should adopt, always taking into account respect for rules and current regulations, regarding one’s profession.

All internal processes have to account for Compliance, to avoid economic sanctions, trials by law, or irrepairable PR disasters. As the Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty would say : “If you think compliance is expensive, try non ‐ compliance”.

But which are, specifically, the areas of application of this “company mindset”?

  • Anti – Money laundry practices
  • Quality and Certification (e.g. ISO9001)
  • Workplace safety
  • Accountability for companies/legal persons

We already treated some of those topic in our e-learning courses for employees, but, by popular demand, we decided to address this subject in its entirety; because, while it may be true that “Compliance starts from the top”, it is also true that it’s applied mainly by employees!

We launched our new lawpilots course, entirely dedicated to Compliance!

Available momentarily only in German, but soon available in the main European languages, in one, modular solution, everything employers and employees need to know to ensure a solid company image, and to prevent any risk.

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