LGPD Data Protection in Brazil
20. September 2021


Read the text about LGPD in portuguese here! General Data Protection Law LGPD Contents of LGPD Processing of personal data…

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what are the best online courses?
7. September 2021

What are the best online courses?

Best online courses for businesses:Why choose online courses and are they worth it?What are the most in-demand online courses?Which website…

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e learning at work
7. September 2021

The importance of e learning at work for businesses

How important is eLearning at work in terms of talent development fundamentals?How is e Learning at work transforming talent development?eLearning…

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PDPA Data Privacy Law
6. September 2021

What is the data privacy law PDPA in Singapore?

Who needs to comply with PDPA? What data is PDPA? Is PDPA mandatory? What is considered personal data in Singapore?…

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Business and data protection laws
1. September 2021

Business and data protection laws! Practical tips for companies to secure and protect their customers’ personal data

What is personal data security?Does data protection apply to companies?What methods could and should companies and organisations use to protect…

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Diversity and Inclusion
1. September 2021

Why are diversity and inclusion so important in the workplace?

Why is diversity important in the workplace?What are the advantages and disadvantages of diversity in the workplace? The benefits of…

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Does my business need cybersecurity?
1. September 2021

Does my business need cybersecurity?

What is cybersecurity for businesses? Why is cybersecurity important for companies?Which companies need cybersecurity?What is Emotet computing malware?How can improved cybersecurity…

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Good workplace learning
1. September 2021

What is good workplace learning and how can gamification help?

Gamified workplace learning is an effective strategyGamification learning and training examples:What are the most important advantages of gamification?How is gamification…

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lawpilots wins comenius award
8. July 2021

lawpilots Wins Comenius Award with E-learning for Compliance Training of Employees

lawpilots’ E-learning “Equality & Diversity” Convinces GPI’S Expert Jury On July 5th, 2021 this year’s winners of the Comenius EduMedia…

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Schrems II Data protection in europe
8. July 2021

Schrems II – Digital Globalization and Its Consequences for Data Protection

In a world where data is transmitted around the globe in a matter of seconds, personal data protection is an…

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3. May 2021

lawpilots is now participating in the German Accelerator Program for Southeast Asia.

Digitization poses a variety of challenges to companies around the world, including complex legal and regulatory issues such as occupational…

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CEO Philipp von Bülow
30. April 2021

Philipp von Bülow CEO of lawpilots for two years!

Congratulations on 2 years as CEO of lawpilots! What’s happened in that time? A huge amount – the two years…

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E-Learning Award
29. April 2021

lawpilots wins the 2021 eLearning AWARD for Methodology

lawpilots receives the 2021 eLearning AWARD in the methodology category for its work on a compliance e-learning project for Konica…

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CCPA E-Learning
20. October 2020

Does the CCPA require your employees to be trained on data privacy?

The California Consumer Privacy Act, Section 1798.135(a)(3), states that companies must ensure that all employees responsible for handling consumer inquiries…

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Informationssicherheit Clean-Desk-Policy
8. September 2020

Being organised at work: why a “clean desk policy” is a must

As modern working practices become ever more efficient and decentralized, the days of messy desks being tolerated in offices are…

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Cloud Speicher DSGVO-Konformität
25. August 2020

Cloud storage: OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox

Does GDPR compliance really mean your data is sufficiently protected? Like most people, you were probably hit with a flood…

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Umsetzung von Compliance im Unternehmen
11. August 2020

Compliance implementation: What should companies consider?

Recent studies show compliance implementation can be a slow, risky process. Corporate compliance is a hot-button issue worldwide these days…

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Training CCPA
30. June 2020

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Train Your Employees on the New Californian Data Privacy Law.

As The Economist magazine once famously noted: “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” It’s a…

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23. January 2019

50 Million Euro financial penalty imposed on Google: The CNIL counter-attacks!

On 21 January 2019, the CNIL’s (french national data protection commission) restricted committee decided to impose a penalty of 50…

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21. November 2018

Six months into GDPR: what we learned

The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, and your smartphone just wouldn’t quit spamming email notifications of companies…

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Compliance Kurs-Bild
15. November 2018

lawpilots launches a course dedicated to Compliance!

  When speaking about Corporate Compliance, and its definition, there’s always some room for confusion: as far as the Law…

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Apple GDPR Berlin
26. October 2018

Cook’s – surprising – opinion on GDPR

    If you happened to be strolling through Berlin, maybe in the more touristic places like Brandenburger Tor or…

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google, privacy, It
24. October 2018

Farewell G+

Mountain View denounces a leak of hundreds of thousands users and grabs the opportunity to retire the social network that…

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11. September 2018

lawpilots at the STARTUPNIGHT 2018 – watch our pitch now!

Can you imagine that employees rather choose online-trainings than classroom trainings? – No? – Well, with lawpilots all this becomes…

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22. August 2018

lawpilots seeks GDPR ambassadors in English-speaking countries

The LegalEduTech Startup – lawpilots was founded in May 2017 in Germany by a team of experts at a time…

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