Our goal

lawpilots is a Berlin success story. Founded by consultants and lawyers, we started out in 2017 with the mission to prepare all employees for the legal challenges of digitization with an innovative approach to digital learning.

Today, with over 535 companies as clients, over 30 different language and country versions of our trainings and a very high participant satisfaction rate of over 90% we set a new benchmark for the online learning market.

"Law. Simple. Understood." is our promise to all customers.


The advantages of an e-learning course by lawpilots

Legally compliant: Liability-relieving documentation.

International: Localised training in many languages. Customisable to your requirements.

Experienced: Relevant content from specialist lawyers and data protection officers.

Simple: Low costs, no IT effort, book directly and get started.

Sustainable: Innovative online training with >90% recommendation rate.

Close: We support you and your employees by phone, email or chat.

Strong partners

lawpilots works in close cooperation with the renowned legal and IT experts from the Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer law firm and ISiCO data protection consultancy.

lawpilots offers innovative and practical online trainings around the legal issues of digitization.

Experienced team

lawpilots was founded in May 2017 by an experienced team of experts.

The timing was no coincidence: one year later – in May 2018 – the EU data protection regulation (GDPR) had to be applied across Europe.



Dr. Dieter Kerkfeld

Dr. Dieter Kerkfeld, co-founder and managing director of lawpilots, gained several years of experience in building digital learning platforms after his time as a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Many companies want to train their employees in the legal issues of digitization. On-site training is far too time-consuming for all employees, but in many classic e-learning courses the ordering process is cumbersome, the design outdated and the content is not really relevant to the real challenges of the employees. lawpilots closes this gap.

Simone Rosenthal

Simone Rosenthal, co-founder of lawpilots, managing director of ISiCO Datenschutz GmbH and partner at Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer law firm.

The know-how of your employees is paramount. Only well-trained employees are able to understand and act on increasingly important issues.

Kathrin Schürmann

Kathrin Schürmann, co-founder of lawpilots and partner at Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer law firm. She acts as the expert and instructor of our data protection online trainings.

The distribution of complex content, responding to current legal developments, in a comprehensible manner is a real challenge. With lawpilots, you determine your understanding.

Stephan Schwebe

Stephan Schwebe, co-founder of lawpilots and executive partner of IBM Germany, has already successfully launched zeotap GmbH as a co-founder.

The symbiosis between the classic law firm, the consulting service and the startup allows lawpilots to combine flexibility and professionalism and to create an unique experience in the diffusion of complex themes to the general public.

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